The Books We Read

page3The life of a child is simple and sweet, to be loved and cared for are the most important of things. One way I show love is by reading to my children different books for different ages. Each evening the battle becomes who gets to pick out the book for that evening and many times it is fight between the 9 year old and the 4 year old while the 2 year old is just along for the ride.

After exhausting our seemingly endless supply of books on our book shelves, we head to the library at least once a week to fill our book bag back up. How many books are we allowed this week? Is always the question, many times the amount is 2 or 3 for each child to pick out. I usually add a few extra children’s books I find interesting to the mix.

So what will it be this evening? A board book on colors or the adventures of a princess wearing a paper brown bag or is it the rhyming styling of Dr. Seuss’s Foot Book, I never know until I sit down and one of my children bring the triumphantly won title of their choice to me to read.

Until next time,



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