Gifts for the Littles

My idea of a great Christmas changes yearly. Should the kids get a ton of toys that they will once again break or rarely play with or should I give them somethings more meaningful like books and experiences?

This year it is all about books and things I know they will play with even though their verbal Christmas lists are long and filled with silly toys that are advertised in the paper and on TV. They of course are not getting any of these toys mostly because the toys make noise and I really dislike toys that make noise and require batteries.

So for fun I am going to post my kids Christmas letters to Santa.

“Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a 3DS in Pink or Blue. A Super Smash Mario Brothers game for the DS and a new pair of  headphones.
A Bike in purple or teal.
Lego’s or Lego Friends.
The Movie’s Home, Minions and Inside Out.
Katherine (age 10)
P.S. Oh and a Girl Scout Easy Bake Oven”

“Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a Remote Control Fish, a Racetrack and a Miles from Tomorrowland Blanket

Zane” (age 4)

“Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like PJ Masks pajama’s, a Paw Patrol Blanket and hot dogs.
Jacob”  (age 3)

Now if you can’t tell big sister wrote these out for the boys since they can’t spell yet.

May your Christmas wishes be filled and you have a blessed Christmas Season.




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