2016 The Year of Simplifying


A New Year rolls around and I see hundreds of resolutions floating across my computer screen, most of which will not be followed by February. Growing up we never made resolutions in our house and I still don’t however I do make attainable goals usually for my businesses. This year I have decided to make this the year of Simplifying. I want to simplify my life by not having it cluttered with stuff. Simply put I want my house to stay clean all the time and not spend 6 hours deep cleaning it every week.

So how does one go about simplifying their house?

First of all I made a list, I am the queen of lists and have them littered around my house. It feels satisfying to check a line on my list off once it is complete so that is how I start.

I go room by room, my list isn’t all over the place but I have header for each room and what I want to accomplish in that room underneath. It makes this seeming overwhelming task into a much more manageable one.

Here is my list that I call Simplify and Clean as you can see it is very simple and basic however each item has a deeper meaning. For instance the Vanity in the Bathroom means clean the vanity out, scrub it down, throw away old stuff that I haven’t used in the last 3 months ( the only exception to this is holiday things that I do use), organize what goes back in and put it away.  Another example is the Kitchen and underneath it I have the word Cupboard. That entails so much more, I am planning on going through and getting rid of excess things we do not need or have an abundance of such as mugs. For some reason we have oodles of mugs, we don’t drink coffee or tea on a regular basis so we do not need 20 mugs for 6 people.

What am I suppose to do with all the stuff I don’t want?

There are several options 1. Throw it away, 2. Donate it, 3. Sell it on a Buy Sell or Trade (BST) site.
Some things you will need to just throw away, others you can donate or sell it on a BST site for a few extra dollars. I utilize BST pages often and they take very little effort on the sellers part. Just be sure to take good pictures, have a good description and the condition of the item you are selling, a Price and usually a location. You meet the buyer and exchange money and item and wham you are good to go. I do however recommend not meeting strangers at your home instead meet at a public place. Since I live in a small town I like to meet people at my local library which is centrally located in town.
When I donate items I go to a local computer business and get boxes from them and use those to put what I am donating in, that way everything is in one place and it can easily be taken out to the car and dropped off once it is full. It is up to you if you want to take multiple trips to the charity of your choice or take it all in when trip, it really depends on how much room you have in your house.

So where should you start once you make your list?to do list.jpg

Once my list is made I start by cleaning a small spot first, I aim to deep clean something for 10-15 minutes a day. If you stick to that plan you will be burnt out after 3 days and it doesn’t become an overwhelming task to accomplish. Just the other day I spent less than 10 minutes going through and clean a table in our den/school room. I put files away, books on the bookcase, threw trash away and wiped the table down. I did all of this while my oldest daughter worked on her math assignment, the preschooler was at school, the toddler was playing with blocks and the baby was on floor with a few of her toys. So it can be done with children at home, get them to help. My boys 4 and 3 love to help organize small projects.

Until Next Time,



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