Simplifying Part 1

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I first saw this idea on Pinterest and was immediately  intrigues by it. Now I have a single closet in my house that has one very wide and deep shelf at the top so it makes it a little harder to look organized however on my journey to simplify I will make do.

I did my own version of this idea today, now they aren’t as neat since I had my 10 year old helping me but that doesn’t matter as long as the job gets done. I had a extra large space bag on the shelf that had blankets, sheets, and a whole host of odds and ends that I went through. Now that bag holds all the things I want to get rid of, There were a few blankets in there that I will be donating to our blanket ministry at our church that goes to a shelter who hands them out to the homeless. These blankets will be used rather than sit on my shelf “rotting” away.

Since this giant shelf is home to not only my linens it also holds all of our towels and wash clothes as well. I can honestly say I only got rid of 1 towel only because it was threadbare it wasn’t going to do any of us any favors. Next was downsizing the amount of wash clothes, I have no idea how we ended up having over 20 of them but we did. I downsized to about 10 of them that were all the same color to keep things simple.

Before I put everything away I wiped the shelf down just in case there had been any mice rummaging and leaving poop treats everywhere, thankfully none were found.

This whole process took less than 15 minutes to do and that is 1 more thing I can check off on my checklist.

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