Book Review: Kathryn Lasky


The other day while browsing through the children’s section of the library I came across Kathryn Lasky books. While the name didn’t ring a bell her books were fun, well written and had great illustration. You may know of Kathryn Lasky’s series ‘Guardians of Ga’hoole’ ‘Wolves of the Beyond,’ ‘The Diaries.’ The Diaries is where I know her writing, those books are written about fictional characters always girls ages 12-16 who live during significant historic events.

51HlXXSTGJL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Humphrey, Albert and the Flying Machine has to be my favorite of the trio that I picked up from the library. Humphrey and Albert are brother attending a birthday party from Princess Biar Rose (who if you don’t know is also known as Sleeping Beauty) when an ugly witch puts everyone to sleep making it the most boring party ever. The boys wake up 99 years, 11 months and 3 weeks later. After trying to wake everyone up they realize the only way to do so is to kiss the princess which they weren’t willing to do. Therefore they need a prince or at least a handsome man to do it for them. After interviewing many men, the boys decide that they need an interesting man because who wants a boring one? While on their way to the next village they come across a flying machine and the inventor Daniel who built it just to fly over the thicket and see the sleeping court. After helping Daniel with a larger set of wings for his flying machine the trio sets off to the castle, where Daniel’s heart was won by the princess. This one kept my 4 year old riveted while I read it to him.

3999038 One Beetle Too Many
The Extraordinary adventures of Charles Darwin

This book covers the life of Charles Darwin from a small child to an adult, this book goes on to tell the story about how he arrived at his theory of evolution as he traveled the world and studied nature throughout his life. He didn’t write his theory until he was much older even though he came upon it while still in young. While I enjoyed this book it was a bit to long for my younger children to sit through, however it was perfect for my 4th grader.



th_1570916470 Pirate Bob is the story of a pirate named Bob whose nose ached when gold was nearby. He is friends with another pirate named Yellow Jack, he is called that because he has scurvy. The story goes on to tell us about Pirate Bob’s hopes, dreams and fears while looking for real friends who don’t just want you for your gold. This book has great illustrations.



Kathryn Lasky weaves well rounded stories that are sure to be family favorites for years to come.


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