Book Review: The Tree House That Jack Built


Last week while we were at our local library, my son Z picked “The Tree House That Jack Built” for us to read together. Let me say that this book didn’t disappoint at all, the illustrations were beautifully detailed and there were so many hidden gems in each page that it took us several minutes to go over every page.  “The Tree House That Jack built is read in the same pattern/tune as This is the House that Jack Built.

a9647800f1038cfa0d6c10b900fda0ce“Here is the Boy 
up in the tree 
where he built a house 
overlooking the sea. 
Yes. This is the tree house 
that Jack built” 



9780439853385“Of course it’s the Cat!
He jumps on the swings, 
The ladder, the birdbath.
The marvelous things 
Jack made with his tools-
it’s a wonder to see
what that clever boy Jack
Thought to build in his tree.” 



I dare say this is one book that will be added to our personal library soon.