The Nut House

Autumn has arrived and with it the changing of the leaves, every day I look towards the woods and I see more and more color peeking out at me. Vibrant reds, oranges and yellow all peak out from around chunks of green and brown.

Autumn also brings my squirrels out in full force as gather all the nuts from my yard, walnut, chestnuts, hickory and butternuts. Although they save the butternuts for last since they are their least favorite nut to eat. I wish they gathered them first as the butternut tree is beside my garage and the nuts fall on to the roof and roll off which sounds like someone roller skating down my bathroom roof.  Plus they land on my walkway and if you step on one you might slip and fall as they are odd shape. In the state of Ohio butternut trees are on the endangered list so cutting this large tree down is illegal so I await the day it either dies or falls over and I don’t have to worry about stepping on anymore nuts. The downside of losing said butternut tree is that the leaves shade my office window from the sun, otherwise the sun shines bright in my eyes while I attempt to work at my computer. So really there isn’t a win to this fight against my butternut tree.



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