SNOW is a 4 Letter Word

I live in Ohio and snow is inevitable here. Usually we get a few flurries before Christmas not much sticks at that point since the ground is still pretty warm or wet really. However after January 1st all bets are off and snow will stick and accumulate which to be honest isn’t the problem its the ice that comes with it that tends to be the problem.

Just like the team up north (*ichigan for you none OSU Buckeye fans), snow is a 4 letter word that I really don’t want to hear about. Even though Z can not stop talking about going sledding and throwing snowballs at his siblings, making snowman with real coal eyes and a carrot nose.

Yes I like it when the ground is covered and everything looks clean, white and beautiful, I mean if it is going to be cold there might as well be snow on the ground right?
Not so much when the roads are covered and I have to go somewhere and it is yucky out, usually I will just cancel what I am doing and stay home if it isn’t an emergency or important appointment.

Oh dear I better get K to stop making snowflakes to hang on the windows. I love the snowflake tutorial linked.

Until Next Time,