As a mom of 4 beautiful children I am constantly reading books to my children and making up stories as they plead for “just one more story Mommy, please!”
While watching my oldest play with our Golden Retriever Honey one summer day, an idea was sparked and Honey’s Big Adventure came to life.

After graduating from high school, I spent the next couple of year’s active duty in the United State Air Force and another 6 in the Air National Guard in Pennsylvania. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Mountain State University, I set my sights on having my own business. Selling vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy affords me the time to spend with my children and the ability to stay home with them while they are small.

After writing Honey’s Big Adventure and reading to my children dozens of time, my husband Josh suggested that I try to have it published. After sending a manuscript to Tate Publishing, I received a call about 3 weeks later that they would love to publish my children’s book.  After doing a happy dance throughout my house, we got down to brass tact’s to get my first book published. The whole process took an entire year before Honey’s Big Adventure was published in August of 2013.

I enjoy writing Honey books and hope to have many more published for your children and their children to enjoy.


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