Toys, toys, so many toys

A child’s toy is a wonderful thing, that is until you step on it in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom in dark house. My husband used to laugh at me when I would use the flash light app on my phone to light my way across the house to the bathroom, that is until he stepped on a Lego Duplo for the first time. Now I laugh at him and myself when we accidentally step on one of those living room land mines.

“Well why don’t you make your kids clean them up every evening?”  Actually I do but occasionally my 15 month old like to play with a few and leaves them laying about or they are lurking underneath a misplaced blanket or dropped shirt since my boys are still embracing the naked baby stage whenever they are home.  It also doesn’t help that my sweet mother in law bought them 5 yes 5 bags of 98 pieces of an off brand of Lego Duplos for Christmas last year so we have Duplo’s for days over here. If you check out this Blog post, I decoupaged a vintage suitcase for my kids just to hold them all.

So to battle this never ending battle of Duplo’s I won’t be buying any for my children this year mostly because they have so many toys I really don’t want to add to the mayhem that is my playroom/office. Thankfully my children are very good about going through their toys with my a couple times a year and sorting into 3 piles. 1. Keep. 2. Donate. 3. Put away for later and of course the trash pile where broken, missing, stupid toys go. This does help battle the siege of toys but not enough to make me want to buy oodles of toys for nothing other than to collect dust.

The war is never ceasing but I will win this battle of the toys even if it maims me.



Simplifying Part 2

I’m fully on my road to simplifying my life now and I already feel freer and happier that the amount of clutter in my house is slowly being removed bit by bit. Over the last couple of weeks I have completed somewhat small but important tasks. Such as organizing and filing all of our paperwork that was previously in a large pile. We had been looking for wooden filing cabinets and my husband finally found 2 of them at an auction for less than $100 for the two of them which is a great price. Now they aren’t vintage per-say but they are built well. We only have 1 in our house because that is all we need, the other one will go into Josh’s office up in the studio (for more info on that check out my other Blog ).

While organizing our paperwork I was able to throw away a diaper box full of papers, that Wooden_file_cabinetcleared out a large portion of clutter in the one corner of our den where my desktop is currently located. I still have some filing to do but it requires my husband to go through it with me since it is his paperwork and I dare not touch it in case I accidentally throw it away or lose it. This took almost 1 1/4 hours.

One of the other projects I have been working on is going through our kitchen cupboards and downsizing the amount of stuff I have in there. For instance why do I have 2 different types of plates when only 1 will do? So I got rid of things like that, I also removed about 10 mugs when 4 will do, cake pans that I have never used etc. I have 3 decent size boxes ready to go to charity shop just from the kitchen alone. This took 30 minutes

The Next thing I did was go through the drawer in our foyer, that took all of 5 minutes to do once I tossed the trash and put all the colored pencils and crayons in their proper place.

When I wrote before that these tasks do not take long they really don’t with the exception of filing paperwork only because I had to go through and look at each piece of paper to put it in the right folder.

I also went through what I call my lingerie drawer where I keep my slips, swimsuits etc in there. I removed things I haven’t worn in the last 3 years, thus removing over half of the things in that drawer. Time wise it took about 5 minutes.

Time accumulated with all 4 of these tasks about 2 hours.

Until Next Time,



Simplifying Part 1

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I first saw this idea on Pinterest and was immediately  intrigues by it. Now I have a single closet in my house that has one very wide and deep shelf at the top so it makes it a little harder to look organized however on my journey to simplify I will make do.

I did my own version of this idea today, now they aren’t as neat since I had my 10 year old helping me but that doesn’t matter as long as the job gets done. I had a extra large space bag on the shelf that had blankets, sheets, and a whole host of odds and ends that I went through. Now that bag holds all the things I want to get rid of, There were a few blankets in there that I will be donating to our blanket ministry at our church that goes to a shelter who hands them out to the homeless. These blankets will be used rather than sit on my shelf “rotting” away.

Since this giant shelf is home to not only my linens it also holds all of our towels and wash clothes as well. I can honestly say I only got rid of 1 towel only because it was threadbare it wasn’t going to do any of us any favors. Next was downsizing the amount of wash clothes, I have no idea how we ended up having over 20 of them but we did. I downsized to about 10 of them that were all the same color to keep things simple.

Before I put everything away I wiped the shelf down just in case there had been any mice rummaging and leaving poop treats everywhere, thankfully none were found.

This whole process took less than 15 minutes to do and that is 1 more thing I can check off on my checklist.

Until Next Time,